We stand in solidarity with Palestine

Please for all Humanity, vote for Palestine

Google launches a vote to launch the name “Israel” or “Palestine” on its map in Google Earth.

Israel vs. Palestine

Mohammad Sarwar and his Team
on issue of Palestine

Massive war crimes being committed in Gaza against Palestinians. Even Israelis/Jews crying out against brutal Israeli Terrorism -all under guise of self-defense. We urge ALL MUSLIM LEADERS of the world to unite, become a nation & stop the Genocide in Gaza

Ex-Governor Punjab
Mohamad Sarwar

Mohammad Sarwar launches Telemedicine Helpline for Palestinians

Citrus Telemedicine International Helpline
Powered by Medical City Online

Anas Sarwar

Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

I join with those who are calling for an immediate cessation of violence and for these evictions to be stopped. Israel must respect and uphold its human rights obligation; no nation is exempt from international law.

Anyone that believes in humanity, in justice, in fairness and in peace will condemn these actions.

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Muslims stand united in digital world