Governor Award

Services of outstanding citizens & NGOs to help fellow Pakistanis overcome difficulties especially during COVID-19 are laudable.Those who serve humanity remain on in history forever.

23 March, 2022

Candidates Of Governor Awards

Each Candidate Awarded By 1 Award


A renowned philanthropist and a business tycoon in Miami Florida. He is also the recipient of MCCJ Silver Medallion Humanitarian Award 2021. Throughout the years, he has been among the greatest names to work for the welfare of the health and education sector. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Renowned Philanthropist
  • Recipient of MCCJ Silver Medallion Humanitarian Award
  • Business Tycoon in Miami Florida


Chairman of the Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority, Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Khan, an internationally recognized professional in the Water Sector, has rendered exemplary services for millions of deprived people of Pakistan and 17 other countries of Asia and Africa for over the last 25 years. Leading the Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority, he launched over 1,000 projects within a year in all 36 districts of Punjab. He has received the exceptional performance awards multiple times. He was also a part of the establishment of Roshan Digital accounts. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Chairman of the Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority
  • Recipient of Exceptional Performance Award
  • Part of the establishment of Roshan Digital


He is the CEO of Cielo Wigle and also chairs the board of Cielo. He is on the advisory board of CloudPlex, Staance, Actively Learn, and Delyt. He made efforts to bring his vision of an IT Staffing and Recruiting company to life. His company is launching a smart thermostat in a few months. He is actively working in the technological field. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • CEO of Cielo Wigle
  • On the advisory board of CloudPlex and Staance
  • Major contributions in the technological field


He was a humble and a loveable person. He was very caring for his entire family and people around him. Was a great philanthropist and used to help the needy quietly. He was known as Derwesh and Allah ka Wali. Naimat Ali Possessed an interesting personality and kept people engaged with his charming talks. He introduced the famous brand HOEST Candy known as Thandi Goli. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award. His grandson Ayesh Abdullah will be receiving the Governor Award.

  • A Derwesh personality
  • Philanthropist
  • Commendable charity services


CHIEF EXECUTIVE, MARHABA LABORATORIES (PVT.) LTD. Manufacturer & exporter of Health Food Products, Herbal Medicines and Herbal Cosmetics.He is the Senior Vice President of the Board of Management, Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate (QIE) and Director at Pakistan Uzbekistan Business Counsel. Hakeem Muhammad Usman (Founder and CEO of company) being the expert herbalist has a vast vision to provide innovative and affordable Natural Health Care Products for human beings in Pakistan and abroad. His efforts uplifted the company from a small business to a huge Nutraceutical project.He is the President of Defense Welfare Society, Lahore and Guardian of Nice Welfare Society and Shaheen Welfare Society, Lahore. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Chief Executive Marhaba Laboratories
  • Senior Vice President of the Board of Management QIE
  • Herbal Expert


An entrepreneur in California whose firm is ranked as one of the top 5 companies. His contribution for Pakistan and California is well respected as he runs many charitable organizations in the educational and health sector. He is also the donor of water filtration plants. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Renowned Entrepreneur
  • Clean Drinking Water
  • Services in education and health sector


A Pakistani community leader in California who is working relentlessly for the Pakistani cause. He is a renowned businessman and contributes largely towards charity work in Pakistan. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Renowned Businessman
  • Community Leader
  • Humanitarian and Philanthropist


A well-qualified educational professional with diverse leadership education experience in leading and serving students in the United States.  Aijaz Rizvi served as the senior level Vice President of Pakistani origin in California Community College System. He decided to dedicate 100% of his energy to serve his country by planning to head number of new initiatives with the state of Punjab and California state enabling Pakistani students to be as competitive with rest of the world Mr.Rizvi is very conscientious and willing to accept responsibility, while maintaining
a high-adaptability quotient. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Vice President of Pakistani origin in California Community College
  • Dedicated efforts for the motherland


A Pakistani American businessman from Baltimore, a Pro Trump Republican party leader and founder of American Muslims for Trump. He was an advisor for Muslims to former President Trump. He is CEO of non-profit private organization Center for Social Change. He is known for his support for
President Donald Trump and islamic prayer at 2016 Republican National Convention. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Founder of American Muslims for Trump
  • CEO of non-profit private organization Center for Social Change
  • He is known for his support for Donald Trump


President of Islamic center of Federal way. A well known community leader of Pakistani, Somali, Middle Eastern and Sikh communities of Washington, has also been serving as the President of the management of a mosque in Seattle. He is a successful businessman owning the largest franchise of fast food chain along with being the investor of commercial real estate. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • President of Islamic Center of Federal Way
  • Community Leader
  • Successful businessman


Co owner of Bell MedEx which is a US Based Healthcare IT Company and it currently has 800 plus employees in Pakistan serving in the fields of Software
Development and Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. He helped generate employment by not only creating jobs but also providing platforms for skill
development but also through offering an international platform for the graduates to excel. He also supports many nonprofit organizations working for the welfare of the needy. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Co Owner of Bell MedEx
  • Provided Employment opportunities
  • Social Worker


A compassionate, ambitious, and a generous personality who came to Canada as a young man with ambition and high dreams.During the past two decades he has been able to open several businesses in Montreal and Toronto as a business developer. He aims to demonstrate the work ethic of Pakistanis to his clients and partners. Mr. Tewana has become an invaluable and beloved community member who has always helped and contributed towards the community. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Successful Business Developer
  • Promoting Harmony
  • Major Contributions towards the community


A renowned businessman, who owns a successful business. He is a philanthropist and a humanitarian and he is always there to help the people in Pakistan, those who are in need. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Social Activist
  • Successful Businessman
  • Contributions to Charity


A great community leader in the USA who is working for humanitarian causes in Pakistan. A successful businessman in the USA, owner of dozens of Gas stations in Kansas City and he has done a lot of charity work in Pakistan. He remained the main driving force in building the mosque in Kansas City. He has also donated water filtration plants in Gujranwala. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Bridging Communal Relations
  • Working on clean drinking water
  • Driving force behind the mosque in Kansas City


President of Rah-e-Haq Welfare Foundation, Chairman of Market Committee Sahiwal, Information Secretary of Tehreek-e-Insaf California, Coordinator of USA-Pakistan Sikh Community on behalf of Governor Punjab. He is also a Youth Member of PTI Central Committee. He is a political and social activist. During Corona, he worked day and night for the deserving poor.  He has been providing free school uniforms every year to children. His services and contributions are commendable. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • President of Rah-e-Haq Welfare Foundation
  • Political and Social Activist
  • Provision of Free Uniforms


For the past seven years, Dr I. H Kathio has been serving as Honorary Consul General of Pakistan in Pennsylvania. He has been an active voice to raise Pakistani community issues on international forums. He also played an important part of the provincial ruling body of Pakistan to work for the progression of sectors. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Honorary Consul General of Pakistan in Pennsylvania
  • Veterinary Teacher
  • Working on quality of livestock


Has been working to raise funds in Kansas for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and also helping local charities in Pakistan. He is an entrepreneur in the field of petroleum and fast food chain and also an active political campaigner. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Contributed to raising funds for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital
  • Philanthropist
  • Active Political Campaigner


The youngest PhD graduate in the 400 years old history of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philippines. He runs a successful logistics and warehouse
brokerage firm in Washington. His company provides service for Amazon, Walmart, McKesson Pharmaceutical.  Currently, he is very much involved in local
American political activism and wants the Pakistani diaspora to be more involved in US politics. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Youngest PhD graduate
  • Political Activist
  • Successful Entrepreneur


Chief Business Advisor – Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO), Chief Executive of Suzuki Central Motors Rawalpindi, Vice President & Zonal Chairman of FPCCI and received multiple awards. Sohail Altaf has headed a number of official delegations and lead international conventions throughout the world to promote trade and develop international liaisons at international platforms. Mr.Sohail Altaf has over the years proven himself to be Agile & Virtuous Leader and a symbol of aspiration. His honest and zealous efforts have been able to awaken a sense of expectation inside the business community of the region. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Chief Business Advisor – Federal Tax Ombudsman
  • Renowned Businessman
  • Promoted International trade at International Platforms


An IT expert in America who owns an IT company in Pakistan named micro agility where 200 IT experts work. Besides these he is a renowned businessman in Canada and is a social worker and a great philanthropist who remained actively engaged in humanitarian causes. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • IT Expert in America
  • Owner of Micro Agility
  • Social Worker and Philanthropist


A Canada-based Pakistani businessman who has won numerous prestigious awards. He is recognized for his efforts and work for the freedom of Kashmir within the Canadian community in different forums. He has also helped Pakistani immigrants settle in Canada by providing financial aid. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Recipient of numerous prestigious awards
  • Campaigned for the freedom of Kashmir
  • Humanitarian


Mr Azaan Sarwar, current Ambassador for Oxford University, first year student at Heriot watt university Edinburgh. Azaan was his schools head boy and with his initiative In 2020 to raise over 80,000 pounds through the support of sarwar foundation for the U.K’s  largest breakfast donation program, Magic Breakfast. This money was used to provide a free hot breakfast for underprivileged kids in his home city of Glasgow. Azaan’s immense fundraising efforts managed to ensure over 25,000 young children a breakfast before attending school for the full 2021 term.

  • Ambassador for Oxford University
  • Student at Herriot Watt University Edinburgh
  • Launched free Magic Breakfast for Students


A Pakistani licensed physician, Her research papers became part of the Public health emergency Covid-19 initiative USA during the peak of the pandemic. Featured by the Voice of America thrice. She served as a Covid-19 ambassador for Pakistan from America on social media and Pakistani TV channels. Media praised her for her work on COVID-19 during the pandemic and making Pakistan proud in America & internationally. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Pakistani Licensed Physician
  • Featured by the Voice of America
  • Covid-19 Ambassador


First Secretary Health South Punjab. Tirelessly worked day and night in COVID 19
Crisis and implemented Smart Lock down and disease surveillance system in Punjab. Under his supervision, he led the team developing Face Mask and Personal Protection of export quality. Also was an imminent part of the Telemedicine project in Punjab. Currently Special Secretary Health Specialized Punjab. Congratulations on receiving the Governor award.

  • First Secretary Health South
  • Telemedicine in Punjab
  • Supervised Disease Surveillance system


An officer of Pakistan’s administrative service has worked on various leadership administrative positions in Lahore and Gujranwala Division. She has rendered excellent services in resolving overseas Pakistanis complaints beyond call of duty. She has worked tirelessly for the beautification of Lahore city. She has also served as Director of women development Punjab and worked for gender mainstreaming and Deputy Secretary of the population welfare department. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Deputy Secretary of Population Welfare Department
  • Officer of Pakistan’s Administrative Service
  • Beautification of Lahore City


A renowned businessman and Volunteer Coordinator for Muslims for Biden. He is Working with Al Mustafa trust to build hospitals and Dialysis centers at Chishtian Bahawalnagar. Social chairperson at Muslim Community Center. He has been involved with Tahir Javed to build a strong Pakistani American Diaspora in the United States. He is a political activist and has worked with Tahir Javed and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to help revive the Congressional Pakistan Caucus. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Political Activist and Coordinator for Muslim for Biden
  • Social Chairperson at Muslim Community Center


The Chairman of the Pakistani American Community of New York (PACONY), founder of the American Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG), was the chief
organizer of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s historical jalsa in Washington DC while being at the forefront for raising the Kashmir issue through protests outside the United Nations Headquarters. He is a renowned entrepreneur and an investor. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Chairman of the Pakistani American Community of New York
  • Founder of Pakistani Advocacy Group
  • Entrepreneur


Owner of Gas Stations and a renowned businessman. He is an active social worker and he has played a very significant role in helping the social sector of Pakistan. He is a true philanthropist with a deep love for poor people and he has played a pivotal role in this regard. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Renowned Businessman
  • Philanthropist
  • Humanitarian


Mr Hussain Abid, a community leader, is a young businessman in New York. He is also an active entrepreneur in the field of trucking business. He has done commendable community efforts in the cause of humanity. He has also contributed to various charity works in Pakistan. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Community Leader
  • Humanitarian
  • Philanthropist


CIO of Dacious Capital LLC, Board member of Pakistani American Political Action Committee. A young second generation Pakistani American who is
working to highlight Pakistan/ Muslim related issues in US Congress by networking with various Congressmen and Senators through the platform of PAKPAC. He is an avid observer of geo-politics with a keen interest in the US-Pakistan Relationship. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • CIO of Dacious Capital LLC
  • Highlighting Muslim Issues in US Congress
  • Geo-Politics


President of American Muslims non-profit organization based in Washington State, USA. He is working to counter Islamophobia by actively engaging with neighbors and local communities in the USA. Dr. Malik is in the T-Mobile leadership team and is also on the advisory boards of University of Washington’s Computer Science department. He has held leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies during his professional career spanning over 30 years. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • President of American Muslims organization
  • Campaign against Islamophobia
  • Leadership Position in 500 Fortune Companies


Tariq H. Cheema is a renowned philanthropist and social innovator, who founded the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists and the Global Donors Forum. He has left an indelible mark on several social initiatives during his career. His vision of responding to social challenges through equitable economic empowerment has successfully resulted in establishing a strong network of socially-responsible businesses to integrate emerging economies with leading international markets. Dr. Cheema ranks amongst the top 500 Most Influential Muslims impacting the world today. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Founder of World Congress of Muslim
  • Ranked among top 500 Most Influential Muslims
  • Philanthropist


He has been doing community work for the past 15 years. His work includes provision of basic living facilities to more than 50 families. He helped in the provision of good education in Gujranwala. He has also built water filtration plants in Multan and he owns k-stone Construction company in the USA. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Community Worker
  • Provision of basic necessities to several families in Pakistan
  • Provision of clean water to his village


An active member of the Pakistani community in New York who is working to promote business, professional and developed labor for Pakistan. He is President of Pakistani American Association of New York which has contributed significantly to help the Pakistani community during Covid pandemic in multiple ways to include distribution of food and medical equipment in US & Pakistan. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • President of Pakistani American Association of New York
  • Charitable services in US and Pakistan
  • Humanitarian and Philanthropist


Co-Founder and Executive Director at Ghazali Education Trust. National Director of Community Service at Al-Khidmat Foundation. Co-Founder and Executive Director of Dar-E-Arqam Schools. His projects include education and community services. He has provided wheelchairs for the disabled, door-step education for special children in remote villages. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Co-Founder and Executive Director at Ghazli Education Trust
  • Co-Founder of Dar-E-Arqam Schools
  • Charitable Services


Founder of E-Comrades, a Pakistani Entrepreneur, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and Amazon Expert. He is a UK-based businessman and is eager to help his own people since he was born in a rural village in Pakistan (Bahawalpur), where electricity and other modern comforts did not exist. He provides online courses via Digi skills, and educates people through multiple social platforms. His organization is helping needy widows, divorcees and orphans by giving free Amazon skill based training to earn in dollars and to establish their own business. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Founder of E-Comrades
  • Helped widows, divorcees and orphans
  • Skill Development via Digi Skills


The founder and chief executive of the Lahore Literary Festival (LLF). It has brought international attention to contemporary authors and artists in Pakistan and led to UNESCO designating Lahore as a City of Literature. LLF founder Mr. Ahmed has degrees from the University of Chicago and Columbia University. His writings have also appeared in Dawn, Dissent, and The Huffington Post. He is on the boards of several organizations including Newsweek Pakistan and the philanthropic Zohra and Z. He is a social worker and a humanitarian.

  • Founder of the Lahore Literary Festival
  • Writings in Dawn , Dissent and The Huffington Post
  • Humanitarian


A Pakistani film and television actor. As a child he first appeared on screen in one scene of PTV drama Shama in 1976, playing a young Javed Sheikh, who is his real brother. He worked for PTV children’s plays as a child artist. Sheikh started his adult acting career in PTV’s play Sunehrey Din by film director Shoaib Mansoor. His first film was Mohabat ke saudagar released in 1992. Saleem Sheikh mostly works in television series such as Makan, Anokha Ladla, Rahein, Parosi, Qasam, Sangam and many more.

  • Pakistani film and television actor.
  • Sheikh started his adult acting career in PTV’s play
  • Worked in various TV dramas


He is the son of Mr. Auyb Khan who is a prominent name for taking the credits of being an author of thirty books. Mr. Adeel Burki is also among the prestigious artist names that has represented Pakistan on both national and international level. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Prestigious Artist
  • Represented Pakistan on National and International Level
  • Author of 30 books


Chairman, Acheron Instruments Pvt-Ltd, the leading manufacturer and exporter of premium quality surgical and dental instruments with a manufacturing facility located in Sialkot and head-office situated in Lahore, Pakistan. Under his leadership the company has been able to work with many countries and also is proud of the community here. He is a philanthropist and has been involved in many social activities. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Chairman Acheron Instruments
  • Leading Manufacturer
  • Philanthropist


A businessman from Francisco. he started his career as a labor worker in California and owns one of the biggest workshops. He has never forgotten his homeland and has been tirelessly helping and supporting various Pakistani projects. He has been actively associated with uplifting of sportsmanship in Pakistan. Mr Arsgad has been also running many charitable projects in Dijkot area district Faisalabad. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Renowned Businessman
  • Contributed to Charitable Projects
  • Humanitarian


An overseas Pakistani who has become a very successful entrepreneur and is one of Canada’s most successful and well-known businessmen. He has won numerous prestigious awards and is recognized for his efforts and work for the freedom of Kashmir within the community in Canadian forums. He has made serious financial contributions for supporting new Pakistani immigrants and helping new families settle in an unknown country. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

  • Successful Entrepreneur
  • Financial Contributions for Pakistanis
  • Recipient of numerous prestigious awards

29 September, 2021

Candidates of Governor Award

Each candidate was awarded by 1 award


Author, columnist and speaker. He has been a member and advisor on a range of Islamic boards.
PRESIDENT – Islamic Journals of Pakistan
PRESIDENT – MAJLIS-E-SIANATUL MUSLIMEEN Pakistan He has visited countries worldwide to propagate the message of Islam and
dedicated his entire life to this cause.


President Anjuman-e-Araian, Pakistan. Chairman Al-Tech Prime Group Vice president of Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam One of the Trustees of Ghurki Hospital Chairman of Subhan (old age home). He is actively involved in the affairs of welfare with a passion to mitigate the
sufferings of deserving and needy. Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.


He is a member of the board of governors for a list of institutions including:
NAPA (National Academy of Performing Arts )
NCA (National College of Arts Lahore)
Alhamra Arts Council
Some of his Prominent Projects Include:
• Alhamra Art Council Lahore
• Serena Hotel Islamabad
• Expo Center Lahore
He has received a series of state level awards in recognition of his work.
Congratulations on receiving the Governor Award.

Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar

Vice Chancellor, UET, Lahore and author of six textbooks on UNIX and Linux operating systems, published in the USA. His books have been used in the US Navy and universities around the globe.
He has been featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc, the USA-based BookAuthority. Dr Sarwar’s UNIX: The Textbook, 3e, has recently been ranked 1st in the list of 73 Best UNIX eBooks of All Time and 2nd in the list of 100 Best UNIX Books of All Time. He is the only Pakistani to have achieved this coveted honor.


A civil servant of the 1978 District Management Group. As the first Director General, he got engaged with Landscaping Lahore and in the Restoration of Mall Road Buildings. He is the pioneer of many food streets and festivals.
As Chairman CDA, he beautified Islamabad with many roads, parks and tourist sites. He is currently working on a project called the Walled City of Lahore Authority which aims to rehabilitate and conserve the old city. Conservation of the Shahi Hammam won the UNESCO Award of Merit in 2016.


Director for Office of Student Affairs and Member of Board of Governors at the University of Lahore.
Member of Board of Trustees of the Ibadat Educational Trust.
The National Coordinator of Dukhtaran-e-Pakistan
A council member for the Women Peace Council.
Board member of Pakistan Child Heart Foundation (PCHF)
Council member for EQUSAT (Equator University of Science and Technology).

Prof. Dr Waheed ul Hamd

Principal, de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore. Project Director of Fatima Jinnah institute of dental sciences. Member of syndicate and convener board of studies in dentistry, at University of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore. He was two times President of Pakistan Dental Association and the first elected president of Pakistan Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Waheed established the first postgraduate centre of dentistry/orthodontics at de’Montmorency College of Dentistry in 1999.

Dr. Somia Iqtadar

Associate Professor of Medicine at King Edward Medical University (KEMU), a fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan and Royal College of Physicians, London.
Chairperson Dengue Expert Advisory Group
Member of Corona TWG and CEAG
advisor to WHO on arboviral diseases.
the founding Secretary General of Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine.
She has contributed to Kumar and Clark TextBook of Medicine and is the primary author of Guidelines on Dengue, Congo, Influenza, Ebola and COVID-19. Dr. Somia is listed among top 100 women in Global Health.


One of the pioneers of the modern Islamic schooling network in Pakistan. She introduced Rosans Islamic School which is a schooling system based on an amalgamation of contemporary education and Islamic teachings. More than 2000 students have completed the memorisation of the Quran(Hifz) at Rosans. Students of Rosans have produced distinctions in Cambridge O levels examinations along
with being ambassadors of Islam and Pakistan.


He is a renowned philanthropist and social innovator, who founded the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists and the Global Donors Forum. Dr. Cheema has left a mark on several social initiatives, most notably the “Educating One Million Out-of-School Children”. He has also led the operationalization of Pakistan’s first-ever Isolation & Infectious Diseases Hospital.
For several years, Dr. Cheema has been ranked amongst the top 500 Most Influential Muslims impacting the world today.


Has been serving at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for more than 20 years. She is currently the senior most Associate Professor there and has been involved in different research and training programs. Moreover, she has been dedicatedly involved in the management of COVID and cancer-affected pregnant patients since the beginning of the pandemic.


Director HR of The Superior Group
She is playing a significant role in improving the HR practices, particularly in the education sector to harness and optimize the human resources by transforming them into human capital.


A fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, The Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants, and The Society of Accounting Education, Pakistan. Director Academics of The TIPS Group of Colleges since 1996 Senior partner Audit and Assurance at Parker Russell Pakistan. Board member and Vice President of South East Asia region of Parker Russell International Project Director of Sarwar Foundation School, Pirmahal. Member of The ToastMaster Club and Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Faisalabad.


  • Established Ahmad Medix Pvt Limited which is Pakistan’s only company which is EN & CE Certified and manufactures European Standard Ambulance in Pakistan. 
  • Designed and manufactured Mobile Health Units in Pakistan
  • Developed Mobile Water Filtration Plants
  • Ex-President of MJF Lions Club
  • He has received several awards by the Prime Minister and President for his services for the nation.


A renowned Public Health Specialist and technical expert. Presently, leading the Punjab Hepatitis Program, has shown exceptional skills in health management.
He has devoted himself to the cause of Hepatitis elimination. The Hepatitis Control Program Punjab has made tremendous progress under his leadership and has gained national and international recognition and acknowledgement.


Established Institute of Learning Emergency Medicine -ILEM- at University of Health Sciences Lahore 2012.
Founder of International Institute of Learning Medicine & First National Ambulance College Pakistan in affiliation with National Ambulance College Dublin Ireland since 2012.
Established Community Clinic for Poor and Needy 2021 in collaboration with Pakistan Anti T.B Association.
Organised Scholarship Postgraduate Training Program for CPSP doctors of Pakistan in Ireland 2011.
Founder Director-Disaster Relief by Irish and Pakistanis- DRIP Ireland 2005 to 2020.


Chairperson of American Lycetuff Schools & the 101 Incredible Women platform
She is not only an educationist, but a staunch advocate of training human resources to create employment and business opportunities. She firmly believes in inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset in the youth of Pakistan through training and skills development, promoting an entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Founder Qadir Bakhsh Farms, Faisalabad. CEO & Founder of Agri Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan. ATDC Pakistan is working as a training institute for Agripreneurs, promoting business of agri-tourism & entertainment farming for agricultural students and the farmer community


Founded the Eye on Ivy organization which gives opportunities to Pakistani students to register and compete directly in prestigious international competitions and provides free counselling workshops. She has been selected as a member of the first cohort for the Women Leadership Fellows Program by Katalyst Labs. She is also a part of the national initiative to address gender-based discrepancies. She is working with the Punjab Girls Guide Association to expand its membership to private schools throughout Punjab and is a member of the Women’s Peace Council.


Executive Director of Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO). He has 15 years of experience in campaigning for civic rights, advocacy for the marginalized, promotion of social accountability and transparency, legislative governance, participatory local governance and social development. He has also worked on strengthening the Federal and Punjab Information Commissions. He is an architect of the idea of the country’s first ever Women’s Peace Council.


The first and only female anchor in Pakistan to date to have hosted a comedy show on prime time on GEO. An educationist who has taught at institutions like Aitchison College, the Convent of Jesus and Mary and FAST University, Lahore. She is also an author of an English book of short stories which is on it’s way for printing.


First female Olympion.
Tamga e Imtiaz winner.
1st female long jump Record holder in the South Asian games where she played 4 times and won 2 gold and 6 bronze medals.
Played 3 times in Islamic Games and won 4 gold and 7 silver medals.
Record holder of 100 m and long jump.
Record holder of winning 8 gold medals in one day in National Games.
She has been a National Champion 83 times and has been rightly titled as the Golden Girl of Pakistan and the Queen of Athletics.


Is a classical sufi and ghazal singer and has a world renowned band called the Raga Boyz. He started training for Music at the age of 8 years and is the 9th generation of Patiala Gharana, the son of Ustaad Hamid Ali Khan and Nephew of Ustaad Amanat Ali Khan and Ustaad Fateh Ali Khan. He has performed in numerous national and international festivals. Nayab Ali Khan is keen on taking forward his family’s legacy of pure classical music.


A human rights activist, journalist, author, and poetess. Author of 25 best sellers worldwide. Patron/ CEO WIO globally CEO WIO, global women’s award foundation Ambassador of BDF ( by birth defects foundation) H. Chairperson Pakistan youth parliament committee She has been enlisted in the Guinness World Record (for highest books of English poetry in six months).


Vice Principal Azra Naheed Dental College (ANDC), Superior University & Head of Community and Preventive Dentistry.
Medical Superintendent of Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Dental Hospital (CMADH).
Principal Investigator of Unilever/FDI joint venture “Live, Learn & Laugh” Phase I & II. Prof Syed has been actively engaged in teaching and has advocated for Oral Health through various Health Educational Campaigns at schools & Outreach Services in collaboration with Sarwar foundation.


Founder SPM Consulting.
He played an active role in Lahore Cantonment, where he got more than 8k Rashan Bags distributed in an organized manner with the support of the Sarwar Foundation, Ali Zafar Foundation & using personal local & overseas contacts.


1. A Practising Visual Artist
2. 2 of his miniature paintings got published at See.Me Gallery website and in the renowned German newspaper, Die Welt.
3. His miniature painting of NCA got published in Harper Magazine (New York City).
4. He got selected for White Turban’s Imago Mundi Project by Fabrica and in Exhibitions in Italy.


Ph.D Scholar at University of Lahore.
She is working on an education and skill development programme, helping adults of all genders, especially transgenders who have never been to schools.


The rising talent of Pakistan, Lux style award winner, Hadia started her journey with the song titled, “Bol Hu” at the age of 8 and instantly became a sensation across the borders. She has also been the lead singer for many ISPR projects. Hadia is not only a great singer, but also holds amazing Academic Records.

27 August, 2021

Candidates of Governor Award

Each candidate was awarded by 1 award

Mr. Faisal Edhi

Edhi foundation founded by The Late Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi is one of the most remarkable organizations known in Pakistan and across the Globe. Mr. Faisal Edhi now heads the organization and it remains one of the best social welfare service across the world. The Edhi foundation is a non-commercial, non-political organization providing services round-the-clock without any discrimination of color, class or creed. The Edhi foundation is operating one of the largest volunteer ambulance network, providing emergency relief and a range of other welfare and rehabilitation services. The services provided by The Edhi Foundation and the dedication of the chairman truly is an unprecedented example of services for humanity.

Mrs. Kiran Aleem Khan

Is progressively taking care of APNA GHAR SCHOOLS which fall under the umbrella of the Abdul Aleem Khan foundation. Kiran Aleem Khan envisions a bright and optimistic life for its aspiring, young female students so that they, in turn, have faith in the benefit of helping others and in building a strong nation. She focuses on educating young girls on the basis of free high-quality education and on the principles of Islam. She is the mother figure to her students and takes a personal interest in their well-being.

Justice (retired) Mrs. Nasira Iqbal

A recipient of Sitara-e-Imtiaz and a role model of peace and justice, has served as:

  • Judge Lahore High Court, Advocate District Courts, High Court & Supreme Court, Pakistan.
  • Has been a Delegate to Human Rights Commission, Geneva.
  • President Lahore High Court Bar Association.
  • Member of IUCN Commission for Environmental Law.
  • Adjunct Professor, Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Lahore, and a Member of School of Law Executive Committee
  • Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan (PILAP)
  • Honorary Legal Advisor, International Women’s Club, Lahore and APWA,
  • Punjab Member Pakistan Women Lawyers’ Association and Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan,
  • Trustee Ferozsons Trust, Fatima Memorial System,
  • Member Board of Trustees, Bhandara Foundation.
  • President Punjab Mental Health Association. Fountain House,
  • Member of Interfaith Dialogue Austria, and Global Women’s Peace Initiative
  • Member Hamdard Majlis-e-Shoora & Punjab SOS Children’s Villages.
  • Member Concerned Citizens of Pakistan (CCP)
  • and Member Syndicate of many universities.

Dr. Shehla Javed Akram

Is the founder president of Women Chambers of Commerce and Industries, a successful entrepreneur, researcher, academician and a firm believer of women empowerment.

Her role in establishing Women Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Pakistan, paved the way for success for women entrepreneurship in Pakistan, offering training and the necessary resources for a firm platform to women in business. Her efforts resulted in improved gender specific policies to encourage women SME sector along with improved legislation for the status of women.

Under her guidance, the women chamber of commerce and industry, Lahore has established the Research and Development Department to provide latest business-related information to women and support them to expand their businesses globally.

Under her relentless leadership, Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry has become an internationally recognized forum with ECOSOC. Additionally, she is currently serving as the Ambassador for International Women (OPS).

Dr. Imran Anwar Khan

A certified gastroenterologist, Gold medallist and author to a large number of original research publications. He was the pioneer in introducing the first Hepatitis clinic at the Services Hospital Lahore. Dr. Imran Anwar Khan has been affiliated with PTI Pakistan and has been a prominent member of various National and International Professional Societies and Associations. In addition to this, he has been one of the most influential and Founding members and the General Secretary of Insaf Professional Forum Pakistan.

Mr. Imran Saleemi

In 1996 a 14-year-old ninth grader of Ambala Arain family left his village Bhutta and came to Lahore with no money or support awaiting. From wandering the streets for days, doing several odd jobs to becoming a store General manager in 2003 and to finally setting up his own supermarket in Wapda Town Lahore in 2007, it has been quite an inspiring journey. With his continuous hard work, honesty and dedication, he was able to launch 7 supermarkets under the name of Rainbow Cash & Carry which employ more than 1,000 people.

Mr. Imran Saleemi has not only done well for himself and his family, but has also played an integral role in uplifting others in need of help. Just in the last 5 years, his charitable work has benefited more than 30,000 people from 6,000 families, providing medical care, educational aid, food aid and in allowing others to become financially independent.

During the last 2 years, as the Vice Chairman of Islamic Aid’s One Vision, Four Goals Programme, he has been putting his efforts to ensure the provision of clean drinking water and increasing awareness and skills in water technology in collaboration with the Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority, TEVTA and Sarwar Foundation.

Ms. Masarrat Misbah

Ms. Masarrat Misbah – is an awardee of the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance for extending her support to the victims of oppression and brutality.

She is one of the fore-runners of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan, and heads the largest chain of salons in the country, she always felt the pain of the women who had lost their faces and limbs due to deliberate burning through acid and kerosene oil – and hence, established “Depilex Smile-again Foundation” in 2003 to provide victims with:

  • Medical treatment,
  • Psycho-social support;
  • Vocational trainings,
  • Job placements and
  • Small business set ups to rehabilitate and empower them to live again with pride and self-respect.

Moreover, Madam Masarrat Misbah also played a pivotal role in the successful passing of The Acid Crime Prevention Bill in 2011.

She has also contributed in formulating the Legislation on the Acid Control Bill to End Gender Based Violence and developed an action plan to improve legislative framework in this regard.

Darmaan Ashraf

CEO of Grains, a young entrepreneur & social worker, has been working tirelessly for philanthropy and in the development sector with utmost sincerity. He has contributed in multiple social relief projects, small housing, educational and medical projects.

As project manager, he designed and completed the project in The grounds of Governor House within 3 months and generously funded 2/3rds of the project. Moreover, he has also contributed in the completion of the The Quran Garden, the Covid-19 Heroes Wall, designed a Cafeteria for a double decker bus and a Sovereign shop now managed by Tevta.

Ms. Deeba Shahnaz Akhter

Joined the Rescue 1122 emergency services in 2006 which is the first certified UN-INSARAG Search and Rescue Team in South Asia. Ms. Deeba Shahnaz Akhter has conducted several Rescue operations. Her daring services to save lives in Prade Lane Blast Operation in cross firing was acknowledged by the Military Authorities. She has presented Emergency Services Pakistan at International Atomic Energy Agency and other international forums. She has given emergency training to hundreds of Girl Guides and Boy Scouts in Punjab. She risked her life and remained on the front line during COVID-19. Along with her Rescue team, she helped to conduct respectable burials for those who lost their lives to Covid. She distributed Food Supplies to over 50,000 deserving families during the lockdown.

Dr. Asma Afzal Shami

Chairperson Ladies Golf PGF, needs to be credited for developing a bold vision for the development of Ladies Golf in Pakistan. With her dynamic personality and commendable dedication, she convinced the Golfing Establishment to sanction five annual exclusively ladies golf championships. She also prevailed upon the major golf clubs to appoint female golf captains whom she motivated into becoming her ‘unofficial team’ to encourage and facilitate female golfers in their areas. With an eye on the future, Dr. Shami has also created a mechanism for talent hunting by instituting two annual matches for junior girls under 14 years of age. Moreover, her crowning achievement has been the development of the 1 st PGF International Ladies Golf Championship in February 2020 in which seven countries agreed to participate, making this a highly successful event. This was an astounding achievement that brought immense honor to Pakistan.

Mrs. Shamshad Shanawaz

A former Director of Pasban Welfare Center, Faisalabad, dedicated a large part of her life to charitable and social causes for the local community. Mrs. Shamshad Shanawaz  served as President of Inner Wheel Club Faisalabad from 2013 to 2014. Currently, she is Chairperson of APWA Skills Development Centre in Faisalabad District.

She helped to train hundreds of women by running successful Training Courses for schools, colleges and villages, helping to improve lives through her sincere humanitarian services.

Mrs. Faiza Khurram

A leading philanthropist in Faisalabad. Her services to the society during the COVID-19 pandemic remained outstanding  by establishing the first PCR laboratory in the private sector.

She has been a source of solace through her foundation ABWA hospital working in collaboration with the Sarwar Foundation, providing free treatment to more than 150,000 deserving families in the area.

She has dedicated her life for development of education and health. She has played a pivotal role in establishing the ABWA Medical College Faisalabad, along with the state of the art ABWA Hospital & Research Center. She is currently serving as the Chairperson of ABWA knowledge village.

Mrs. Mohsina Mukhtar

Believes that we need to modernize teaching methodologies in Pakistan. Mrs. Mohsina Mukhtar founder and the CEO of TALEEM consultancy, has over 20 years of professional experience working with educational organizations in planning, designing and conducting teacher trainings. Moreover, she has been working on organizing workshops, developing course material and remote teachers training programs. She has extensive experience of coordination for pre-primary classes, and believes to transform conventional education and blended learning. Mrs. Mohsina Mukhtar is a Master trainer of SNC (ECCE 2020) and has trained teachers regarding SNC. They developed books for early literacy and numeracy, and introduced books-based mobile applications in Pakistan. Her core objective reflects Think Ahead and Learn Effective Educational Methods (TALEEM).

Prof. Bilquis Shabbir

Is currently Chairperson and Professor of Medicine at King Edward Medical University. She is in-charge of Telemedicine Department in King Edward University, a combined initiative of all university Chancellors in Punjab and Mohammad Sarwar, the Governor of Punjab.

In addition to this, during the Covid-19 pandemic, she fought fearlessly on the frontline. Her extended services in medical education, conducting trainings, research seminars, national and international webinars, and contributions to government policy-making member of Covid-19 Expert Advisory Group, are highly appreciate able.

Professor Dr. Mariam Malik

  • a Fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan,
  • a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians,
  • Gynecologist in London UK,
  • and Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Central Park Medical College, Kahna Lahore

Professor Mariam Malik has been working courageously in providing care to women effected by the COVID pandemic.

She is an advocate of women empowerment. She has implemented anti-harassment and security policies in colleges and hospitals for improving conditions at work.

Inspired by Begum Sarwar, Dr. Mariam Malik participated in Breast Cancer Awareness campaign seminars and webinars in colleges and schools and set up free camps for management of breast conditions. She is also working on Cervical cancer awareness, prevention and screening programmes.

Prof. Mariam Malik works for Hemophilia Society to provide free care to girls with inherited disorders.

As director of INGO Caritas Pakistan her contributions in rescue and rehabilitation projects for earthquake and floods affected were recognised by the Government of Pakistan.

She is a Major Donor of Rotary Foundation and is involved in eradication of polio and mother and child health projects.

Ms. Salma Sajjad

Has been working with Punjab Girl Guides since 2000, as a junior and senior guides trainer and is currently working as senior guides trainer at the provincial headquarters.

In addition to this, she has joined The Girl Guides in various areas of Punjab, training in character building, raising cancer awareness, camping with the Girl Guides in Murree,

and has joined the Plant for Pakistan campaign under which thousands of trees are planted each year by Girl Guides. Her efforts include preparing reports, soliciting funds for various projects, and assisting in administrative matters.

She is currently taking international training in fund management sponsored by World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Dr. Mohammad Nadeem Khawaja

General Secretary of DOCTORSCON, has a passion to work for the underprivileged people in society. He joined The Sarwar Foundation Mother and Child Campaign five years ago and has been a part of the Deworming Campaign, for children in rural and urban areas. Mr. Mohammad Nadeem Khawaja has diligently rendered his services to put the health of children and women first. His dedicated services include providing health care and organizing free eye camps with his team of colleagues.

In addition, he is The General Secretary of Children Quran Society, providing free and subsidized copies of Quran and Islamic literature to children across Pakistan.

Mrs. Nighat Shakir

Mother to a child with a hearing impairment, was always keen on helping other children with such a disability. She has been volunteering to support deaf students. Volunteered as a member of ‘Curriculum Committee’ in 2015 for developing a comprehensive curriculum of Intermediate for Deaf. She successfully negotiated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore, Punjab Board of Technical Education and Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Faisalabad, to conduct exams in the English language as well. She is currently pursuing Lahore Board for the declaration of the positions of Deaf on print and electronic media. Additionally, she is also struggling for the issuance of Driving Licenses to the Deaf to facilitate them in mobilization.

Dr. Aneesa Fatima

A well-known Consultant Gynecologist and a philanthropist at heart, has served in Pakistan and Middle East for over 3 decades. In 2009, she joined Imran Khan’s movement for change and held several senior positions across multiple PTI bodies including Women Wing, Labor Wing and the Insaf Doctors Forum. She has organized and led hundreds of medical camps in various areas of Punjab and KPK. She is a valued volunteer at The Sarwar Foundation to help promote public health awareness and cancer awareness through their free heath camps. Dr. Aneesa Fatima has helped to train thousands of students and attended Girl Guides Seminars to help train how to do a 5 minute self-examination for early detection of cancer which could help save lives.

Dr. Adnan Gilani

Has served as the Medical Director for the Sundas Foundation, a charitable organization, engaged in services for the patients of Thalassemia, Hemophilia and other blood disorders. He believes serving humanity is the best reward for the soul and mind. As Sundas Foundation is working in close collaboration with the Sarwar foundation.

Dr. Adnan has also actively been engaged in Mother and Child Free Health Camps which has treated thousands of people.

Under the ‘Hepatitis Free Punjab’ campaign, he helped to test and treat hepatitis patients in rural areas. A total of 25,000 people have been treated free under this initiative by The Sarwar foundation. Dr. Adnan is serving humanity through his kind and sincere efforts and striving to improve the lives of many.

Dr. Sumaira Rehman

Dr. Sumaira Rehman, a PHD in Women Entrepreneurship – and the youngest woman Rector in Pakistan, aims to work towards an economically superior Pakistan by preparing the youth as job creators instead of job seekers.

Dr. Sumaira Rehman took initiatives for

  • Development of entrepreneurial ecosystem through Entrepreneurial Teaching & Training Programs
  • Social entrepreneurship programs
  • Incubator and accelerator programs with innovative teaching pedagogies. 
  • Her karobar – a capacity building program for women
  • O My Genius – for kids
  • Research Impact Fund – and
  • A unique mantra of student success 3U 1M program

These initiatives resulted in creation of more than 40 businesses – 300 jobs and investment portfolio of over 250 Million Rupees. Dr. Sumaira Rehman is an inspiration for all.

Dr. Waleed Shafqat

From Kishwar Fazal teaching Hospital, specialises in surgery, Pediatrics and gynecology. Dr. Waleed Shafqat volunteered his services on behalf of Kishwar Fazal Teaching Hospital to work in collaboration with the Sarwar Foundation Mother and Child Free health camps. Working in rural areas, with his gentle approach, he has helped diagnose thousands of people. He believes that was a great milestone, as Sarwar foundation helped provide for free medications, tests and free services in some of the most deprived areas.

Dr. Maheen Syed

Is currently working as Deputy Program Manager Hepatitis and Infection Control Program, Punjab. She has the responsibility of supervising the clinic operations across all 214 Hepatitis clinics in Punjab.


Dr. Maheen is in charge of coordination and communication with all Medical officers, district and health administration, directorate general health services and Primary and Secondary Health Care Department Punjab. Hepatitis Free Camps of Punjab are two piloted projects under her supervision.

Dr. Zahid Pervaiz

Has served in various Teaching Hospitals of Lahore and elevated the basic health standards by implementing Public Health Projects across Punjab. He risked his life to save the lives of others during the COVID-19 pandemic, serving on the front line. Being the Medical Superintendent of the University of Lahore Teaching Hospital, he managed to perform more than 10,000 PCR Tests for diagnosis of COVID-19. Over 700 COVID patients were treated and sent home safely. He is an active participant in The Sarwar Foundation free Medical Health Camps, using his medical expertise against communicable and non-communicable diseases for the marginalized communities in Punjab. His outstanding commitment has improved the lives of many.

Mr. Muhammad Yaseen Khan

A renowned philanthropist and social worker – is always on the front foot for helping people suffering from Thalassemia, Hemophilia, blood cancer and other blood related diseases. His passion to help those in pain, established the Sundas Foundation in 1998. Under his leadership, the Sundas foundation is extending free of cost treatment facilities to thousands of patients including availability of blood tests and state of the art screening for all fatal diseases. He also set up a high-tech genetic lab – Sundas Molecular Analysis Centre – for the prevention and eradication of Thalassemia in Pakistan.

In addition to this, He remained instrumental in establishing many charitable organizations for senior citizens, widows and orphans including:

  • Pakistan Sweet Homes
  • Pakistan Thalassemia Center
  • Rehmat Wali Foundation
  • Noor Thalassemia Foundation
  • Pakistan Great Home – and
  • Pakistan Civil Society

Mrs. Nadira Omar

  • Secretary PTI NA 131 women’s wing.
  • Co-ordinator, monitoring & evaluation – Central Punjab.
  • Co-ordinator local body elections ward 7

She has conducted lectures on child sexual abuse in different schools and child protection bureau Lahore. Moreover, she has arranged NADRA vans, providing door step services for making NID cards for the poor and women who have restricted mobility. In addition, she has arranged mobile COVID  vaccination vans and camps for the general public. Furthermore, she has engaged in tree plantation in schools, churches, graveyards and charity hospitals in Lahore.

Mr. Shoaib Naeem

Mr. Shoaib Naeem has been one of the most notable names in working towards the control and eradication of Polio from Pakistan. He has been working progressively to facilitate the polio program. He is striving to ensure better health opportunities for the needy and has made remarkable contributions to the Sarwar Foundation health camps.

Sadia Khan

Had a passion for fashion design, from a very young age. She started by designing her own clothes. Her ability to believe in herself came, when people complemented her sense of dressing and started requesting Sadia Khan to design clothes for them.

The encouragement gave her the strength to learn, work and progressively shape her life, while raising a family. After years of hard work and determination, her brand, Sadia Khan Couture was born and is now recognised in the fashion industry.

Ms Sabahat Rafiq

Ms. Sabahat Rafiq, a recipient of Global Woman of the year 2016-17 award has a passion for technology and has helped various industries and companies in the last two and half decades with their technology road maps.

She has successfully helped raise $100m for Pakistan through a Saudi fund in the early 1990s.

Ms.  Sabahat is the Founder of several companies including a successful textile-trading house in Oregon. She has worked as a management and technology consultant. She is a consultant to reputable Middle-Eastern financial institutions and Pakistani Islamic banks.

Ms. Sabahat Rafiq has played a key role in improving the use of advanced technologies in education, promoted use of technology in developing digital learning, gathering crucial learning data, data mining and to use artificial intelligence techniques for individualized learning for students.