LAHORE:Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will not resign and the government will complete its term.

The opposition is trying unsuccessfully to put pressure on the government with long marches and threat of resignations, said Sarwar. “Fulfilling the five-year constitutional term is our constitutional and democratic right which we will not back down from,’’ he added. He was talking to a delegation led by members of PTI Punjab Mian Faisal Hayat, Abdul Hai Dasti and Rafaqat Ali at Governor’s House Lahore.

During the meeting, Sarwar said that the opposition’s politics of rallies have been rejected by the people of Pakistan including Lahore. Today, the people are not with the politicians of anarchy and riots but with the government and its policies under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. ‘We have saved Pakistan from economic bankruptcy by getting it out of its worst economic problems’.

He said that the root cause of the problems facing by Pakistan is the debt of billions of dollars taken by the previous leaders but we have promised the nation that they will liberate Pakistan from corruption, inflation and other problems including unemployment. The government is moving forward successfully because of its policies but the opposition is protesting to stop the country from moving forward. ‘We have thwarted such elements before and still, the intentions of the opposition will not succeed’.

The Governor Punjab said that the people have given us the mandate to govern the country for five years so it is our constitutional and democratic right to govern and the opposition parties also have a democratic responsibility to not indulge in conspiracies that will destabilize the country but wait for the 2023 general elections.

Sarwar said that if the opposition thinks that they will intimidate the government by threatening about long march or resigning from the assemblies, then it will not happen. Imran Khan will be the Prime Minister till 2023. Our government will complete its term and the opposition will not get anything but failure.


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