A meeting of the delegation of Serving Schools and Colleges Association of Pakistan with the Governor of Punjab, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said that private schools are big stakeholders, any new law will be included in the consultation.

The delegation led by President Mian Raza-ur-Rehman called on the Governor of Punjab. The delegation included Ikram Khan, Salman Maqsood, Gulzar Ahmed and Qazi Naeem Anjum. The delegation apprised the Governor of the problems faced by private educational institutions due to Corona. He assured the Prime Minister to take up the issues facing the educational institutions.

The President Serving Schools Association said that private schools are big stakeholders, should be included in the consultation before any new law is enacted, recognizing services for the promotion of private sector education.

Mian Raza said that the intermediate curriculum should be made smart like matriculation, the ban on non-payment of commercialization fees of schools by the LDA is not acceptable.Qazi Naeem Anjum said that special financial package for private educational institutions is in dire need of time, intermediate curriculum like matriculation should be made smart.

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