LAHORE: Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar has said the opposition’s efforts to halt the legislation regarding FATF have been exposed. The government is safeguarding national not political interests. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan our government will steer the country out of FATF’s grey list.

He was speaking at a meeting with PTI member Shaukat Basra and other party delegations here on Thursday.

Political and national issues came under discussion during this meeting. Governor Ch Sarwar said that despite opposition’s protests, the passing of five bills including the bill on money laundering in a joint session of the Parliament is strong evidence that the PTI government is strong inside Parliament. He said the opposition’s agenda of safeguarding their personal interests is failing on every front.

Opposition’s conduct on FATF is no longer democratic. In fact, they have been exposed in front of the public due to opposition to FATF related bills.

He said the PTI government is taking practical steps to strengthen all institutions including the Parliament.

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