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Governor of Punjab Ch. Mohammad Sarwar

Compiled by Sajid Bhutto

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Ch Sarwar – a born leader

Journey from Small Town Toba Tek Singh to the United Kingdom

The first Muslim to take the oath on the Holy Quran in the British Parliament


Wherever human beings faced innumerable problems on the planet, the nature also created great people to solve those problems those not only served humanity immensely but also lit the lamp in the darkness with the light of their deeds and this phenomenal progress is continues till now.

The American politician John Quincy Adams said “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and do more, you are a leader.”

There are very few people in the world who love their motherland, homeland and their nation selflessly. Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, the beacon of an eye-opening family in Saleem Pur village of Pir Mahal, a small town of Toba Tek Singh District, who created soft image of Pakistan in the United Kingdom. He completed his education from a college in Pakistan and the name of that college was later changed to GC University Faisalabad. He moved to the United Kingdom in the mid of 1970s, where he worked hard and took initiative by starting a grocery store in Scotland called United Wholesale. He has four children including Atif Sarwar, Asim Sarwar, Anas Sarwar and Faiza Sarwar. Following in your footsteps, your son Anas Sarwar has been elected as a Member of Parliament for the United Kingdom and is doing a great service to the society.

After many years of hard work, planning and perseverance, the business flourished, and he became financially successful and prosperous. But perhaps God chose him for the welfare of humanity, so he joined the Center Glasgow as an executive member in 1980 and also began serving as chairman of the Council for Human Rights in Scotland in 1982 and held the prestigious position for ten years.

After observing his passion, dedication and performance, in less than two years, the Islamic Center appointed him General Secretary in 1984. At the same time, he began his service as Chairman of the Polk Shields Development Association and served incredibly well from 1988 to 1992.A few years later, in2000, he founded the Sarwar Foundation and, as a chairman, fully addressed the problems of the Pakistani community until 2009. He was also a member of the Palestinian organization ‘Scottish Friends of Palestine’ and served as an advisory board of trustees whereas he worked wholeheartedly. Along with serving the people, he was also active in British politics from the beginning. He joined the Labor Party in 1984 and was elected as a councilor in the Glasgow City Council from 1992 to1995.Fortunately, he was re-elected as a city councilor and served selflessly from 1995 to 1997.Hecontinued his constant political journey and then through his day and night efforts, became the first Muslim member of the British Parliament to be elected, which is no less than an honor for the Muslim world. The people of the United Kingdom have elected him a Member of Parliament three times in appreciation of his social and great political initiatives.

Remember that he was the first Muslim member of the UK to refuse to take an oath on the Bible in the UK Parliament and took oath on the Holy Quran. He also served as chairman of the Parliamentary Labor Party of Scotland from 2003 to 2005.

In terms of social services, Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, in collaboration with the Sarwar Foundation and U Care Foundation, helped earthquake victims in the northern regions of Pakistan in 2005 by building hundreds of houses, providing rations to thousands people and also provided basic necessities of life. He raised one million dollars in response to the devastating floods of 2010 in Pakistan and built more than 100 homes for the homeless. He raised one million dollars in response to the devastating floods of 2010 in Pakistan and built more than 100 homes for the homeless.

Mr.Sarwar believes on his favorite quote on charity,

“No one has ever become poor by giving so always be generous’’.

By keeping these philanthropic views he led a successful international fund raising campaign under the Sarwar Foundation that led to the establishment of 3 state of the art hospitals in rural areas of Pakistan. Some notable hospitals among them are Sarwar Hospital Toba Rajana and Sarwar Foundation Rai Ali

Nawaz Hospital Chichawatni. Now they treat more than 5000 patients in a month. He worked with the Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhary Pervez Elahi to help improve the delivery of emergency services in Punjab, which led to the establishment of Rescue 1122.

By setting a high example of humanity, he helped the Sikh community to build a Temple for the Sikh community in Glasgow. He successfully led the ongoing campaign to save Scotland’s shipyard and forged better relations between the communities by visiting all major cities in the UK.

A delegation led by him campaigning for the implementation of UN resolutions on Palestine and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state living in peace alongside the state of Israel visited the West Bank and Gaza and highlighted the plight of the Palestinian people. Moreover, till now, he is raising voice for the oppressed people of Palestine at every forum. After 9/11, he campaigned in Britain against global extremism and hatred against Muslims, and convinced the world by his pacifist ideology. But in spite all these achievements and social engagements, the love for Pakistan grew in his heart so finally, he returned to Pakistan. It may be recalled that where people are striving for British citizenship, he renounced British citizenship for Pakistan and started his journey in Pakistan in 2013 as the Governor of Punjab under the regime of PMLN.

Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar held the post for almost a year and a half, during which he worked day and night for the 25 million children of Punjab who were out of school and forced to work instead of getting an education. Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar held the post for almost a year and a half, during which he worked day and night for the 25 million children of Punjab who were out of school and forced to work instead of getting an education. He firmly believes “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change Pakistan”. He received a honorary PhD degree from a very renowned university of UK.

After serving one and half year as a Governor Punjab, he pointed out and criticized the ineffective foreign policy of PML N leadership when Obama visited India instead of Pakistan. He not only left the party but also resigned from a prestigious position of Governorship and did not compromise on his vision. Later, he joined PTI so that he can pursue his vision and fulfill the incomplete mission for the entire nation.

We all know that he was elected Senator in Pakistan in 2018 and took oath in the National Assembly of Pakistan. Probably very few people know that Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar is one of the politicians in the world who was a part of the Parliament of two different countries such as Britain and Pakistan. In the PTI government, he was again sworn in as the Governor of Punjab in 1918, but as a social leader he did not forget his ambitions for the betterment of humanity. The University of Scotland awarded you an honorary doctorate in 2014.

According to the survey of UNESCO, 40% of diseases in Pakistan are caused by dirty water. Dirty water causes various diseases of stomach, liver and kidneys and unfortunately 64% of Pakistanis are deprived of clean water. Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar was really worried due to which he has been struggling for clean drinking water every day for many years. It is very important here that the Sarwar Foundation is committed to provide clean drinking water for which the organization has become the largest provider of clean water in Pakistan. It is important to know that more than 200 clean water plants have been installed by Sarwar Foundation where more than 2.2 million people are benefiting from clean water daily and 2.5 million people will get clean water by the end of this year.

Fortunately, Vice Chair Sarwar Foundation Perveen Sarwar also stands by Governor ChaudhryMohammad Sarwar for the welfare of humanity. The Sarwar Foundation headed by Mrs. Sarwar with the collaboration of Ms. Rabia Zia, Mian Kashif Iqbal and all other team members, has distributed rations to more than 1.3 million people during the COVID19 lockdown, in which helpless families of eunuchs and thousands of deserving Kashmir families despite the tense situation at the border. Keeping in view the deteriorating health situation of the people in the country, the Sarwar Foundation has so far provided free treatment to more than half a million patients. These camps were also set up in remote areas of Pakistan which by the grace of Allah healed thousands of patients. To eradicate hepatitis in the country, Sarwar Foundation and University of Health Sciences will work jointly to treat more poor people. Under Hepatitis Free Pakistan Campaign, 1 million deserving people will be treated this year.

Furthermore, the foundation has distributed hundreds of wheelchairs including deed disabled prisoners. The Governor is also not far behind in the field of education. Sarwar Foundation School Pir Mahal has been imparting education to hundreds of students since 2011 and it is worth mentioning here that more than 100 skill centers have been set up to give women a better place in the society and better employment. Thousands women have been given vocational education and training that will provide them opportunities for employment and we believe that they will support 20,000 families one day. With regard to Kashmir, his position is unequivocal and clear that the growing fascism of the Modi fascist government against the Kashmiri people is inhumane and against peace in the region. The life of an innocent human being is more precious than the richest man in the world. Thousands of innocent Kashmiri mothers, sisters, daughters and young sons have been brutally martyred by the Indian insane army to establish repressive domination. He strongly protests against the silence and negligence of UNO as well as OIC and demand justice from UNO as soon as possible. The Kashmiri people should be liberated from inhuman and unconstitutional Indian domination.

Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar is a great pioneer of social justice in the society and a perfect leader of the nation even if he is in the UK, Pakistan or any other country in the world. Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has been representing the people everywhere and believes completely in selfless service to humanity. He has a distinctive trait and special place in Pakistan apart from the other traditional politicians. In his 40 years of political journey, he has never used abusive language and he gives equal respect to all politicians. Respectfully, he says that Governor’s House is open to every Pakistani without any recommendation or nepotism.

Great nations keep their martyrs and great human beings alive forever. Ch. Mohammad Sarwar made the services of the real heroes of the nation unforgettable. To pay homage to the welfare organization and philanthropists of the society, under the supervision of Ch. Mohammad Sarwar, Governor House Lahore has set up Corona Heroes Wall, the main purpose of which is to commemorate the selfless services of Corona.

Ch Sarwar in his own words:

“I would rather live 10 years doing something than live 20 years doing nothing.”

The nation is blessed where great visionary leaders like Governor Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar are born.

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