Ch Pervaiz Iqbal Losar,a true patriot,living legend,reformer,brave humanist and honest Leader is serving as a Chairman EU Pak Friendship Federation Europe. He has been residing in Belgium since 26th August,1992.
He initiated business in 1999 and got remarkable milestones.He has also served several years for Kashmir cause as well as Pakistan international affairs from 2002 to 2006 as Senior Vice President Kashmir Center in Brussels. Moreover,he performed incredibly his duties from 2005 to 2012 as a community Coordinator till present. While reformer by nature, Chaudhary Perveiz Losar took a great initiative by forming EU Pak Friendship Federation in 25-02-2016.
As a Chairman and Founder of the international organization he has achieved impossible tasks and made his organization operational in 28 countries of the Europe.His organization has been working for Kashmir issue,resolving overseas stagnant matters and creating soft image of Pakistan across the world.His mission is to strengthen Pakistan and make a great developed nation economically and morally.
He has protested and raised voice in the entire Europe against Indian brutal and inhumane acts in Kashmir and defendend Pakistan with pragmatic strategies and lobbying in European Parliament as well.Indian Government tried to threat his life but he is brave son of Pakistan so he made shut indian mouth at all forms globally.Recently,he has had fruitful one to one meetings with Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan, President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi, Governor of Punjab Ch Mohammad Sarwar and President of Kashmir Mr Masood Khan for Kashmir and overseas issues.
His core objectives are described below:

i) Promotion and protection of Pakistan’s image at national and intimation level.
ii) To advocate identity of Pakistan as a respectable, peaceful and cohesive nation in the word.
iii) Take Pre-emptive reaction against the attempts aiming at destroying image of Pakistan.
iv) To support Kashmir cause until last breath.
v) support talented pakistanis students and intellectuals

His favorite quote is I love and respect all the communities living in Pakistan whether they are muslims hindu or christian and a common patriot pakistani is dearest than all the nations of the world

He is exper at speaking in different languages i.e;

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